The 360 Degree Review for Employees

Giving employees valuable and useful feedback is critical to keeping them motivated. Unlike your typical annual or semi-annual reviews that rely solely on an employee’s manager or supervisor, 360-degree reviews help people develop business and interpersonal skills. Learn more about 360 reviews below.

A 360-degree online review excels at identifying a starting point for developing new skills, measuring progress, and identifying any personal behavioral blind spots or the total impact an employee has on an organization.

However, most 360-degree feedback software are dedicated systems that are complex to set up and manage. And you can’t use them for anything else. Not so with Alchemer. You can get started in just seven steps, and still use your Alchemer solution for employee satisfaction surveys, management survey questions, and more.

Easy to set up and run your 360 review online

  • Import a spreadsheet of employees into Alchemer
  • Create a 360 Review Project in Alchemer (the template is ready for you)
  • Select the definitions of peers you want to use
  • Distribute the survey via Alchemer
  • Review and share the reports as appropriate

Alchemer automatically gives you a series of reports for 360 Reviews:

  • Competency Report
  • Leadership Profile
  • Category Scores with Gap Values
  • Competency Scores
  • Highest and Lowest Scores
  • Written Comments

Get the full picture.

360-degree feedback also lets managers and employees hear from the people who work with them on a daily basis. You can even include Video Feedback (talk to Alchemer about adding this feature) into your online 360 review. Plus, Alchemer makes it easy to create, deploy, report, and repeat.

Not only do you gather the best feedback, you also get results you can understand right away, and the ability to integrate your feedback into the systems you use every day. The Alchemer 360-Review solution automatically generates reports for each employee based on feedback, including concrete action items.

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What Is a 360 Review?

The 360-degree feedback review involves collecting feedback from the people an employee works with most frequently. This creates a more well-rounded view of the employee than just their interactions with their manager can provide.  

Reviewers normally include: 

  • The employee’s manager 
  • Peers
  • People who report to the employee   
  • Functional managers who work with the employee regularly 

As you can guess, soliciting so many opinions creates a lot of work, especially for people who deal with a variety of different coworkers across the company. This is why many enterprises struggle to do this on an ongoing basis.  

The 360 Review focuses on the skills and contributions of the employee, including:  

  • Leadership  
  • Teamwork  
  • Interpersonal communication and interaction 
  • Management  
  • Contribution  
  • Work habits  
  • Accountability 
  • Vision  

How does a 360 Review work? 

Once the manager collects feedback from the people who work with the employee, the manager analyzes the feedback looking for patterns of behavior to note. The manager looks for positive and constructive feedback that present the employee with the key and important points. The key is to present what’s important, not to overwhelm the employee with too much feedback.  

Some organizations use questionnaires that are tallied to give employees a score in each area. This is easy to do online with Alchemer, which also allows you to offer open-ended questions that allow for feedback not covered by scored questions. 

Still, many organizations prefer to hire external consultants to administer the surveys, especially when senior managers are receiving a 360 review. The consultants also analyze and share the data with the manager and often with the staff. This allows the manager and staff to work together on improvements for both the manager and the department. 

Ultimately, the purpose of the 360-degree feedback is to help each employee understand their strengths and weaknesses and to give them insights into parts of their work where they might need the most professional development. 

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