Integrations for CRM, BI, Marketing, and More

Alchemer puts feedback to work immediately. Our integrations populate existing applications with live data, so your people are always working with the best feedback. Using these integrations, your team can also create new workflows and processes that put that data into everything you do, through the systems you use every day.

Our many integrations include:
> Salesforce
> Microsoft Dynamics
> Tableau
> Microsoft Power BI
> HubSpot
> MailChimp

“What I love the most is that it (Alchemer) has many integrations which facilitates the creation of surveys more dynamically.” ~ Rachel P, Enterprise Technical Project Manager via

Beyond just sharing data
Alchemer integrations are not just about sharing data. We focus on putting that data to work. So people get notified of things that matter to them through the channels and tools they already use. And our extreme flexibility allows business people to solve the problems they face, without requiring IT resources.

See how Alchemer can help you make feedback core to your business by integrating it into your business applications. Complete the form, call 1-800-609-6480, or write to today.

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Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

Alchemer offers plug-and-play integrations for popular enterprise CRM solutions. Our Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integrations allow you to push and pull data so you can automatically update and populate customer profiles with satisfaction data and other responses. That way your sales team is always dealing with the latest information about each customer and prospect.

Business Intelligence

Tableau and Microsoft Power BI

We have always provided excellent reporting capabilities for our customers, including native reports and integration with Tableau. We have added Power BI to the list. Customers can automatically stream live data into Power BI to build dashboards, reports, and data models with the latest results from their surveys.

Marketing Integrations

HubSpot and MailChimp

You can also integrate Alchemer with HubSpot and MailChimp, allowing you to trigger surveys during certain marketing and sales nurture tracks. You can also set triggers to respond to what customers are telling you. You can set automatic email responses to survey responses, questions, requests, and anything you want. 

Integrate with Anything

Extensible Architecture and Low-code Design

One of the advantages of the Alchemer platform’s extensible architecture and low-code design is that it empowers business professionals as well as programmers to integrate with existing enterprise applications – including custom applications.

If you don’t have the resources, skills, or time to integrate your feedback into everything you do, we can help. Our professional services team can build custom integrations to any system – even proprietary solutions.