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More ways to make your customer feedback transformative.

We’re all about making our customers successful. Since 2006, we’ve delivered the most flexible survey software platform on the market. This enables our customers to build, run, analyze, and report on surveys that have the best data for the job. Today, more than 15,000 customers trust us to drive the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Many of our customers do more than that. They’re also leveraging our flexibility to drive workflow and business operations from their feedback data. This allows them to drive immediate action from their data instead of having it age in dashboards.

We’ve delivered all of this while being independently held, without venture capital or private equity investment. We have grown over the years into a significant enterprise software and technology company. Being privately held, we make decisions for the long-term so we can focus on helping our customers bring their great ideas to life and make feedback core to their businesses.

We are a company dedicated to making our customers more successful.

We do this in unique and unexpected ways, from making our platform accessible to anybody (even including visually impaired survey creators and takers) to custom-building integrations that allow companies to act first and analyze later.

Everything springs from our three core values.

Heart for service.

Ninety percent of the G2 Crowd rated our support team as the best. But it’s not just the heroes who man the support team, this value permeates the entire company. People jump in to help each other and our customers every day. It makes working here meaningful and fun, and our customers see it and appreciate it.

Be curious.

Company-wide, we love solving problems. We are always learning, trying to find better ways to make our customers happy, solve new challenges, and explore new ways of doing things. Our insatiable desire to understand leads us to finding new ways to put our people and customers at the center of our business decisions.

Find a way.

We celebrate and reward people who find a way to get something done despite the obstacles facing them. This shows up in our interactions with customers every day. Everybody on our team is constantly finding a way to solve challenges, move obstacles, and get things done.

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