The IITA Management welcomes visitors/guests to the IITA I-House/Dormitory and advises them to comply with the following security guidelines for the safety and security of all on the IITA campus..
1. Gate-House Procedures
• All visitors will be subject to IITA Security formalities at the gate house. Visitors will be provided with visitors identity cards which they must wear conspicuously at all times while on campus
• While exiting the campus, the vehicles of visitors will be searched in line with the IITA gatehouse policy.
All identity cards/visitor’s tag will be signed out and recovered by the security guards at the gate.

2. Closing time for IITA gate
IITA front and main gates are closed to in- flow of traffic at 12 mid-nights everyday. Except in extreme
circumstances, the gates remain locked until 5.00 a.m. the following morning. Visitors lodging in the I- house/Dormitory are advised to note this to avoid being locked out of the campus.

Visitors of I-House Guests
All visitors seeking to visit guests lodging in the I-House/Dormitory must report to the front-desk.

Security men escorting guests are not allowed to move around the premises of the I-House/Dormitory with their guns or pistols. Such weapons must be deposited at the IITA police station which is located opposite the IITA main gate.

Drivers and security men accompanying guests are not allowed to sleep in their vehicles. Suitable accommodation can be arranged by the I-House Manager at cost to the guests.

Guests wishing to move around the IITA campus should consult with the I-House Manager and obtain prior approval.A guided tour of the forest trail can be arranged by the I-House Manager if advance notice of 24 hours is given. It should be noted that the residential area of the campus, the offices, laboratories and research fields are all restricted areas. Driving around the campus is limited to the permitted areas only.

The Swimming Pool is open only from 9.00am to 10 pm everyday, and all visitors must abide by the rules posted by the Poolside. Wearing of Swimming Pool suits are restricted to the pool only.

Guests must at all times drive very safely on IITA campus and in particular obey the following rules

a) The speed limit on IITA campus is 40kph
b) At round-abouts, give way to traffic coming from your left c) Stop at every ‘STOP’ sign
d) Look out for other vehicles at crossroads
e) Look out for pedestrians, bicycle and motorcycle riders especially children
f) Make use of car parks and avoid parking on driveways, sidewalks and other un- authorised spaces.

9. IITA is indemnified against any claims from guests/visitors in respect of injuries or loss of property or life sustained by them while on IITA campus.


The Management of IITA urges everyone on campus to comply with all security regulations and directives as the IITA security personnel are under instruction to escort out of the campus, anyone that refuses to comply with the security regulations set out above.

Signed and accepted by the guest Full Name Room No.

International House
Expected International House resident Guest etiquettes.

1. Guests are to report to the reception desk for checking in.

2. Single room is for single occupancy only.

3. Double room is for double occupancy only.

4. Single bedroom flatlet is for double occupancy only.

5. Double bedroom flatlet is for four occupancy only.

6. Extra bed are available on charge basis please contact reception on 2480/2435.

7. Safe is provided in the rooms for safekeeping.

8. Guest are not allowed in the room after 10 pm. Guest’s stay must be registered at the reception &

attract additional bed charge for the night.

9. Pets are not allowed in the rooms.

10. Cooking is only allowed in flatlets where cooking facilities are available.

11. Personal clothes are not to be hanged on the balcony. Please use the lines.

12. No outside food is allowed in the campus outlets & no private picnic.

13. Guests are advised to display I-House ID card while on campus.

14. Loss of key attracts three thousand naira only (N3,000).

15. Meals are available at the snack bar, Cappa bar and cafeteria for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

16. Snack Bar is open for your service on request from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

17. You can order from choice of menu or chef’s special of the day at the snack bar.

18. We provide recreations like table tennis, golf, swimming pool, basketball, volleyball and squash .

19. If you are interested in forest trail get in touch with the reception for direction.

20. Guests are required to follow rules and regulation guiding the hotel.

21. Smoking of cigarette is prohibited in all our rooms.