The Exhibition and Trade Fair is being organised to

  1. Inform the public (growers, processors, vendors, scientists, farmers’ groups, industry, government agencies, NGOs) about the latest developments in the horticultural industry worldwide which could have applications in Africa.
  2. Provide an opportunity for exhibitors to sell their products on a cash and carry basis to prospective clients.
  3. Provide a platform for brokerage of new partnerships

The exhibition will hold on two locations

  1. Outside the Congress Hall i.e Conference centre, IITA. There will be limited space for only 15 cubicles of 3m x 2m each. Preference will be given to exhibitors who are co-sponsors of the 3rd AAHC, as well as exhibitors who register fully for the congress. Visitors to these exhibition stands will be invited dignitaries and other registered congress participants. Exhibitors can display their banners, publications and produce/products. Display of big machines or noisy exhibits may not be appropriate here because of space restriction and on-going presentations..
  2. IITA Sports ground (close to the main gate). This is the venue for the HORTICULTURE TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION/TRADE FAIR. It is a larger venue than the first venue. It is easily accessible and exhibits will be highly visible. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to exhibit big products/produce including machines, equipment, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, seeds, seedlings, agro chemicals without much restriction. The stands will be open to public and operate on a see and buy basis. Members of the public will also have the opportunity to interact with vendors. Exhibitors will have ample opportunity establish business contacts with people from all walks of life across Africa and beyond.

Three categories of booths are available at this location:3m x 2m, 5m x 4m and 10m x 4m.

Available facilities

Exhibitors at both venues will have access to

  1. Adequate security,
  2. Regular power supply, booths,
  3. Canopy, table (1), chairs (2)
  4. Catering services
  5. Toilet facilities.

**Exhibitors who prefer custom-made booths can also make private arrangements for such.



Side attractions

Horticulture commodity associations, schools, unemployed youths, retirees, investors and other stakeholders will be specially invited to be part of the technology & innovation/trade fair. Interested exhibitors can negotiate with the organisers to dedicate a day for their organization. On such days special focus will be given to such organizations and they will be able to further educate the participants about their organizations.

Cost implications

Space size Cost (US$)* Remark
3m x 2m 100 Both venues
5m x 4m 250 Technology & innovation/trade fair venue
10m x 4m 500 Technology & innovation/trade fair venue

Note: 50% discount will be given to exhibitors who are co-sponsors/registered participants using the conference centre venue.

*1US$ = N300

Further inquiries

Dr. L. O. Olajide-Taiwo  

Tel +234 8033 180 442   email: olajidefem@gmail.com


Exhibitors can advertise on the yellow pages of the book of abstracts.


Mrs. O. Idowu-Agida

Tel: +234 8032 7978 72,+234 8023 281 562 +234 809 8044 688

email: agigadayo@gmail.com, info@afrohort.org

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